Brief Introduction of China’s Good Autos

The platform - China’s Good Autos - is an e-commerce platform for exporting second-hand autos jointly launched by IOT Group and China’s leading second-hand auto enterprises with a capital of 6 billion Yuan. It is China’s first, only and largest second-hand vehicle export transaction platform.

China's Good Autos, taking Guangdong Province as the base and covering the entire country, is China's largest transaction platform for exporting second-hand autos. By working together with industrial tycoons and using the resource advantages of each party, the second-hand auto export brand "China's Good Autos" is created. "Second-hand auto export industry+ cross-border e-commerce industry+ after-sales automotive industry+ financial industry" are perfectly integrated into an all-inclusive industrial ecosphere. By virtue of "Internet + industry + capital", the second-hand auto export market is integrated to create an industry leading enterprise. By establishing a perfect Internet+ second-hand auto export trading system, we are committed to providing our users with a one-stop service incl. second-hand auto transactions, after-sales maintenance, auto parts supply, testing and evaluation, export customs clearance, finance, logistics, information, etc. taking opening up overseas second-hand auto sales channels as the core.

China’s Good Autos is committed to enhancing the image of China and creating the “China’s Good Autos” brand; through perfectly combing the Internet with second-hand auto export and other traditional industries, creating an industrial network for second-hand auto export; establishing a perfect second-hand auto export market trading system and trading platform; building a sound domestic second-hand auto procurement network, and an overseas sales network; establishing a sound overseas after-sales service system, auto parts supply and service system, testing and evaluation system, and a reorganizing and maintenance system; establishing a professional and sound financial services system to provide our users with multi-layered, intelligent and big data risk control-based professional financial services; building a sound logistics and distribution network to provide globally-covered professional logistics services incl. sea, land and air transportation+ cloud warehouse+ overseas warehouse; actively developing business, self-support exporting, entrusted exporting and brand promoting; establishing a comprehensive second-hand auto export credit system, and implementing “Buyers Guide”; reducing intermediate links, directly connecting suppliers with buyers, improving the efficiency and the benefit; providing big data and cloud services, and promoting the rapid growth in second-hand auto export.

As of the end of 2016, the stock of second-hand vehicles in China has reached up to 105 million, with an annual production and sales volume of 28 million or so. The entire industry is facing a dilemma about the circulation of second-hand vehicles all over the country, resulting in a large inventory backlog, as well as a great adverse impact on the environment. It is urgent to find a new sales channel. At the same time, there is a strong demand for second-hand vehicles in overseas markets. Also, the cross-border e-commerce export model is becoming increasingly mature, laying a good environmental foundation for second-hand auto export. Therefore, the opening up of the second-hand auto export channels is the only way to promote the development of the second-hand auto industry, and it is also the best time to do it.

China's Good Autos will do its utmost to carry out second-hand auto export business, vigorously expand overseas cooperation channels, improve overseas after-sales service systems, and focus on exporting second-hand vehicles to the market of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. From 2017 to 2019, the annual export volume of second-hand autos is planned to be 70,000, 330,000 and 1,170,000 respectively, with the expected transaction amount of 8 billion, 38.1billion and 137.1 billion Yuan, trying to dig 5%, 10% and 20% share of the second-hand auto export market respectively.

China’s Good Autos will work together with China’s leading second-hand auto enterprises to create the interconnection mechanism for interaction; and leading China’s second-hand auto tycoons to investigate the market of the countries along the “Belt and Road” for channel docking, logistics parks and port parks docking, overseas warehouse docking, etc. Welcome more upstream and downstream leading enterprises to join us, and share the trillion-worth overseas second-hand vehicle market.