• Export Inspection

    The consigner(or its agent)report detailed information of export goods to the customs, who will thereafter examine, inspect and then grant permission when all standards have been satisfied.

    Process of Export Inspection

    1. Applying for Inspection: The applicant shall fill out the Export Commodity Inspection Application Form, and provide relevant documents and information.

    2. Sampling: According to different forms of goods, samples will be taken randomly by a specialist from the commodity inspection bureau.

    3. Inspection: The export goods are inspected in such forms as inspection singly by the bureau, joint inspection, factory inspection or origin inspection.

    4. Issuing the Certificate: The commodity inspection bureau will issue an Inspection Certificate to qualified goods, or stamp on the Goods Declaration for Exportation to grant clearance.

    Required documents

    1.Application of inspection

    2.Report of factory inspection

    3.Export contract




    7.Other files required

  • Declaration

    Imported goods, exported goods and transshipment goods must be declared to the customs in the customs territory or national border of a country, go through the formalities stipulated by the customs, and fulfill the obligations stipulated by various laws and regulations; only fulfill the obligations, handle customs declaration, inspection, After the procedures such as taxation and release, the goods can be released, and the owner or the applicant can pick up the goods. Similarly, all kinds of means of transport for importing and exporting goods, such as entering or leaving or transshipment, must also be declared to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain permission from the customs. During the customs clearance period, whether it is import, export or transshipment, it is under the supervision of the customs and is not allowed to circulate freely.

    Process of Customs Declaration and Clearance

    1. Declaration: The consignor of export goods or a person acting on his behalf (a representative) shall declare to the customs in Electronic Declaration Form and Paper Declaration Form within 24 hours before loading the goods.

    2. Inspection: The Customs Office will send a specialist to inspect the goods outside the controlled area of the bureau. The inspector and the consignor/consignee of export/imported goods or a person acting on his behalf (a representative) on the spot will sign together for confirmation if the inspection is passed through.

    3. Collection of Taxes and Fees: The customs duty, import value-added tax, consumption tax, overdue fine, delayed declaration fee and other payable taxes and fees will be calculated and collected, and the Customs Duty Covering Warrant or special bills are issued.

    4. Customs Clearance: The “customs clearance” seal will be stamped on the shipping documents of the export goods, i.e., the export goods can be loaded to the means of transport and shipped from China to other countries.

    Required documents

    1.Cargo list


    3.Export contract

    4.Letter of declaration consignment


    6.Commercial inspection certificate

    7.Export permit

    8.Other files required

    Process of Export Inspection Guangzhou Customs Huangpu Customs
  • Vehicle Deregistration

    Registered vehicle which will not be used within the border of China should be de-registered by its owner at its registration vehicle management department.


    1.Vehicle owner applies to the vehicle management department with all required documents

    2.Vehicle management department verifies and settles on the spot

    3.Vehicle owner gets de-registration certificate on the spot.

    Required documents

    1.Original copy of <application form of vehicle registration, transfer and de-registration>

    2.Original copy of vehicle registration

    3.Original copy of driving permit

    4.Original vehicle plate

    5.ID of vehicle owner

    6.Original exit certificate (customs-examined motor vehicle exit certificate is issued by the Customs and Excise Department of the Customs Supervision of Vehicles in and out of the country)

    7.<consignment> and agent ID (if applied by agent)

  • Tax

    Export tax refund, which is the refund of actual paid VAT and exercise duty during domestic manufacture and circulation.

    Tax Handling Process

    1. Tax Reimbursement Registration: Fill out the Tax Reimbursement Registration Form for Export Enterprises (filled out in triplicate by the manufacturers respectively for the tax reimbursement agency, the basic-level tax rebate department and the enterprise itself); apply for a tax reimbursement registration certificate; and submit tax rebate-required documents;

    2. Examination and Approval for Tax Reimbursement: The Administration of Taxation will examine and verify it. The tax rebate remittance of the previous month will be transferred to the basic account of the enterprise that applies for tax reimbursement before the end of the month if it passes the examination and approval process.

    Required documents

    1. Fill in the “Declaration Form for Tax Rebate (Exemption) of Exported Goods” (in duplicate) and affix the official seal of the foreign trade operator and the seal of the legal person.

    2. Foreign trade operator registration form or foreign company approval certificate

    3. The business license of the enterprise legal person issued by the industry and commerce administration authority

    4. Organization code certificate issued by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision

    5. Tax registration certificate issued by the national tax authority in charge of taxation

    6. VAT general taxpayer's card or VAT general taxpayer's notice and general taxpayer's application for approval and approval form (for general taxpayers)

    7. Certificate of registration of self-declared customs declaration unit issued by the Customs

    8. Bank account opening permit

    9. The production-oriented foreign trade operator shall provide the “Detailed Forms for the Administration of Tax Revenue Confirmation of Export Tax Refunds” issued by the tax refund department of the local taxation authority.

    10. Agency Export Agreement (for temporary export goods refund (exemption) tax)